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Rain Water Collectors (for Isotopes)

We have deployed these rain collectors in China for two years. They are relatively inexpensive to assemble at ~ $20/collector including mounting equipment.


1 - HDPE/PC/PP Nalgene Bottle
1 - 5 cm diameter Buchner Funnel
1 - 8 inch section of PVC pipe
1 - threaded 1/4 in compression valve
1 - rubber grommet (3/4 or 5/8 inch)
1 -  5 x 1/4 inch carriage bolt and nut
12 or more 15 ml centrifuge vials
electrical tape
teflon tape
light machine or paraffin oil
1 - metal PVC pipe hangar

bottle in pace

bottles 2

bottles 3
Left: Rain collector deployed with the PVC pipe hanger slid into the wall of a rural school near Jinggu, Yunnan Province, China. Top right: Basic components a typical rainfall collector. Our kits include two waterproof sharpies,  small notebooks for our recording rainfall amounts and pre-PTFE tape wrapped 15 ml tubes for sample collection and electrical tape for sealing tubes shut after collection. Middle right: PP Buchner funnel with 1/8 inch holes drilled into a subset of the existing holes in the funnel to ensure water flows down through the funnel. A small hole should be drilled in the bottle cap next to the rubber grommet under the funnel. Bottom right: Dispensing cap with valved brass fitting threaded through the plastic bottle cap. Fitting should be installed near the edge of the cap to enable easy separation of clean water from oil when pouring into the sampling tube.

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