Earth Surface & Tectonics Group

@ SU

Cordón de la Ramada, Principal Cordillera, San Juan, Argentina


The Earth Surface and Tectonics group looks at a wide variety of problems related to the topographic evolution of mountain belts and their underlying geodynamic and climatic driving forces. The approach to these problems must be a broad broad one, which includes, but is not limited to, cosmogenic nuclide studies, thermochronology, field mapping, stratigraphy, stable isotope paleoaltimetry and DEM analysis. Currently The EST group has several active research projects underway in Argentina, Chile and China.

Prof. Hoke is recruiting graduate students for fall 2013 or a postdoctoral researcher.  


Welcome to the homepage of the Earth Surface and Tectonics group at Syracuse University

clockwise from top left: Pedogenic carbonate developed on conglomerate clasts (Argentine Precordillera), Planation surface perched at 2700 m in the Argentine Precordillera, Mekong River, Yunnan Province, China